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Jamey & Amanda


Jamey Ordolis


My parents named me after the Bionic Woman and the year I was born the song “Born to be Alive” was  huge and my dad would dance me around to it every night. That pretty much set the tone to date.

I met Amanda when I started working as a freelance host and video producer for the Slice Network and we immediately clicked. She’s the one who really turned me on to digital media. Now I’m the senior producer of CBC Connects and a tech correspondent for CBC’s Steven and Chris and CBC Radio.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview many celebrities and successful people and learn from them and I get to work with the most dedicated and talented group of people I’ve ever met every day. I’m hoping to broaden that circle to include all of you here on Empirella.com.

– Jamey

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Amanda York


When I was eight, my parents opened Yorkie’s Yogurt, a popular suburban frozen yogurt shop. My little brother Jason and I were put to work as the taste testers. It’s the first time I learned that work could be fun.

As far as I can remember, I’ve worked my whole life. My parents were entrepreneurs and small business owners who took pleasure in everything they did and taught us the value of putting in your all.

My amazing tastebuds aside, my passion was for visual art. My papier maché Lord of the Flies island, in lieu of a book report, is still somewhere in my parents’ basement.

I studied multi-media production and my first big gig was as a web producer for the Royal Ontario Museum. I worked as a designer and digital video producer for Alliance Atlantis (now Shaw Media) for four years on brands like Slice, HGTV, Food Network and E! Canada and now, speaking of hard workers, my current boss is George Stroumboulopoulos.

I’ve been producing and designing websites for nearly a decade. My recent projects include Battle of the Blades (Season 1), Steven and Chris (Season 2), The Hour, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, CBC Radio’s SongQuest 2010 website and, of course, Empirella.com.

When I met Jamey at Slice, we were handed a video camera, a big opportunity to produce online video for a major network, and a teeny-tiny budget. What did we do? We ate cheap noodles, wore great heels and taught ourselves how to produce. Our first ever web series, Working it!, still makes me marvel at what you can pull off if you just try it out… and put in a lot of overtime.

When I was honored as one of Toronto’s top creative women in the Luminato Festival’s Mille Femmes exhibition in 2008, I chose “Orange” as the word that inspires me. Why? It’s positive, it’s bright, it’s full of energy and I’m all about the visual.

I hope Empirella.com is a feast for your brain and that you visit every day and often!

– Amanda

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Photographs of Jamey and Amanda by Riccardo Cellere.