Freshen Your Desk: Best Spring Office Accessories

May 19, 2011 12:03 AM

During this year’s Spring cleaning, don’t skip the office. After all, you spend just as much time there as at home and more people probably see your desk than they do your living room. We’ve chosen the prettiest spring office accessories to help freshen up your work space and add a little personality.

Best Spring Desk Accessories

1. Alphacritter Mousepad from Anthropologie, featuring the drawings of Alexa Pulitzer, doubles as a notepad and comes in all letters of the alphabet (and every animal wear a crown, which we adore!)

2. White Block Multi-Function Clock from Urban Barn rotates to display temperature, timer, calendar and alarm.

3. Push Pins from Staples usually come in multi-colores boxes, but we like to buy either all clear or just pick the white and the clear ones out of the box.

4. 8 ” Non-Stick Scissors in white and 7″ Student Scissors in black, both from Staples.

5. Post-It Super Sticky Assorted Neon Notes from Staples.

6. Kate Spade iPhone 4 Hard Cover.

7. White Letter Opener from Staples.

8. Rapid Freeze Flat-Stack Stapler from Staples.

9. Clear Tape Dispenser or Hand Sculpted Ling the Elephant and Monkey tape dispenser both from IOMOI.

10. Set of 14 pens, orange, pink and white bamboo from IOMOI.

11. Set of 14 pencils from IOMOI.

12. White Globe on Black Stand from Target.

13. Snille Visitor Chair in white from IKEA.

14. Magnetic Dry Erase Memo from Chapters-Indigo.

15. Laughing Buddha in acqua from Urban Barn bring wealth, good luck and prosperity.

16. Letter Monogram Mugs from Rock Scissor Paper’s Monogram Shoppe.


One Response to Freshen Your Desk: Best Spring Office Accessories

  1. Sarah on May 19, 2011 at 9:09 PM

    why must that elephant tape dispenser be $158? sigh…
    Love the desk ideas, Jamey!