Fun Office Communication Aids

May 16, 2011 7:27 AM

Fun office aids from

Since satire is often what makes the truth most palatable, these items might just be the thing you need to help you get your point across at the office. 

1. The WTF Stamp – for when someone submits a document that is sub-par, an invoice is more than it should be, you’ve torn unfavorable press about your company out of the paper or someone submits a travel receipt for lingerie.

2. The WTF Sticky Notefor when you want to confront someone in person and they’re not at their desk, or you’re avoiding confronting someone in person and you need to leave them a witty note that lightly veils your true displeasure/annoyance.

3. The Nag Note – for those people who drive you nuts because they don’t accomplish the tasks you ask them to but who you still, for some reason, want to like you, so you make your demands pointed but somewhat apologetic and self-deprecating.

4. Intimidations & Ultimatums – for brushing up on tactics and one-liners that will help move meetings forward, negotiate your next project or raise and put certain people (and you know who they are) in their place.

All these products and more are available at KNOCK KNOCK.


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