Watching the Background: Extra of The Week

March 29, 2012 5:37 PM

Acting can be most clearly and directly defined as putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. And not just physically, because human beings are a very complicated and dense species. Unless, of course, you’re stupid, which happens. In which case exercise and a decent face will propel you farther than your wildest dreams ever could have. And there are a lot of stupid people. Okay, I take it back. I’ll start again.

Acting can be most clearly and directly defined as having enough money, connections, and credits to have enough lines in a piece of work that will one day get you into some exclusive club without having to wear the “mandatory” jacket.

But if mom, dad, or uncle Rick don’t own Universal, you might end up spending a lot of time doing background work until finally, some guy eating a sandwich says, “You’re getting a line.”

This may never happen. Because you’re not that good at putting on other people’s shoes, and always look out of place. Or the alternative? Maybe you genuinely like being paid to just blur into the background, spending time being surrounded by all kinds of new people.

Being an extra pays very well, and provides you with enough ridiculous stories about exactly how much chilli “that” famous person ate on set. And most of the time, everything goes according to plan and no one notices you had a bad take. Other times, they keep your bad take, and you hope that nobody sees it.

Not your current partner. Not your ex-partner. Not your friends or family. Not your ex-partner.

But sometimes, people do see. I see!

And I make jokes about it.

Here’s my favourite Extra of The Week

Dense right? So dense!

I found this week’s extra on the hit show The 4400.







Greg Chociej is a writer and comedian who can be seen performing weekly with Toronto’s award-winning sketch comedy group, The Sketchersons. Follow him on Instagram @larevolucion53. 


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