A Funny Ode to the CBC

March 13, 2014 2:48 PM

I still nerd out over working at the CBC in a Mary Tyler Moore beret-throwing kind of way. So when the CBC Connects team and I paired up with The Sketchersons’ Greg Chociej to make “Best CBC Day Ever!” you can be sure it was infused with everyone’s feelings of pride and love for the public broadcaster.

In one of his recent talks, social media guru and NY Time bestseller Jay Baer cited our video as a great example of effective online content marketing.

Shot and edited by Craig Cooper and James Cooper and featuring one of the funniest actors and improvisers I’ve ever worked with, here’s a video I loved producing and am still laughing at…

And here are some of the stills from the day…


You can see Greg Chociej every Sunday night at Toronto’s Comedy Bar for The Sketchersons’ Sunday Night Live show.

Check out more of our CBC Connects videos here.


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