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May 11, 2011 2:40 AM

Kate MiddletonWe love her because she’s still learning the complicated steps of Royal conduct, but we’re pretty sure Kate’s going to make the dance of public life look easy. She married a prince, her own title is now Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus, she looks great in a bikini, she’s going to be fabulously rich for the rest of her life and with great influence – and yet somehow she remains humble and relatable. It’s almost unfair.

Most known for hmmm… did we mention she married a prince? It’s hard not to be a little jealous. But she’s so graceful and unassuming that you can’t help being happy for her. Plus it seems like Wills and Kate have a normal, healthy relationship – which is pretty shocking, really.

“She’s got a naughty sense of humour, which kind of helps because I’ve got a dirty sense of humour.” – Prince William on Kate

On the job Kate’s already planning her future as the representative of several international charities, and she and William asked for donations to a long list of organizations in lieu of wedding gifts. She’s set her sights on making the world a better place in her new position.

She got her start working for her family’s party supplies company, Party Pieces, spearheading the launch of a new division and encouraging the company to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. She’s also an accomplished photographer – she shot many of the company’s catalogues.

Lessons learned ABWI: Always Be Working It. Kate was criticized by some for the two years she spent jobless after finishing her degree at St. Andrews. A two-year gap doesn’t look good on anyone’s resume.

Her personal style is examined and imitated by fashion-lovers around the world. She wears designer brands like Issa and Mulberry, but she’s also stepped out in high street gear from Top Shop. She can look English-gentry elegant at a polo match, or effortlessly cool and modern about town. Click to see more photos of her here (needs better copy)

If we met her we’d ask about the exercise regime that makes her, we’re pretty sure, the sexiest member of the Royal Family (sorry, Charles).

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