Not That Kind of Working Girl

May 12, 2011 8:07 AM

Sometimes a girl-on-the-go doesn’t get to go home at night. Doesn’t necessarily mean she was doing something naughty… could mean she was engaged in the equally rewarding (to some) all-nighter at the office. Regardless of the reason, being spontaneous the night before doesn’t mean you have to be the talk of the town the morning after. So, here are a few desk essentials to save you from a “work day of shame”.

1. The blazer: This item is a versatile piece to leave at your desk – great to throw on for that unexpected meeting with the executives, when the AC’s blasting or on those unexpected mornings when you need a quick wardrobe change.

2. Heels: A pair of black heels can be worn with almost anything and will instantly sharpen your ensemble.

3. Accessories: Statement jewellery will distract from the fact that you’re wearing yesterday’s dress. Avoid small delicate pieces as they won’t have enough impact. Have a fresh pair of tights in your drawer – black or grey would be the safest, though coloured tights can be fun!

4. Beauty: Dry shampoo has been my saving grace on many occasions. I can honestly say that it the most important beauty product I own. Having tried them all, T3 is my favourite for performance and fragrance – it sprays a fine mist of powder to add volume and sop up any excess oil you might have at your roots. Swipe on some lip gloss, mascara and a spritz of a fresh and feminine scent like Miss Dior Cherie and you’re good to go for the day!

5. Glasses: Throw out those contacts from last night and give your peepers a rest with a cute pair of glasses!

Finally, not on the list of desk essentials, but this beautiful Celine tote is a must for any woman who’s on the go day and night.


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