Best Beauty Vloggers: Learn to Do Your Hair & Makeup Really Well

January 25, 2013 12:39 AM

Last night, Amanda and I went down a YouTube rabbit hole and ended up watching a ton of Michelle Phan beauty videos. Michelle is one of the most popular video bloggers on the web and her hair and makeup tutorials can teach you how to use your eyeliner as mascaramake your own clip-on bangs and other things you didn't even know you could do with hair and makeup.

I realized how good beauty tutorials could be when, after 30 years of thinking a fishtail braid was an unachievable wonder, Lauren Conrad taught me to do it in five minutes.

So, we encourage you to check out some of the great beauty teachers of the world wide web to finally unlock the secrets of foundation and learn how to make a smokey that doesn't look like you got punched in the face. They'll also lead you to the best products on the market.

Here three of our go-to YouTube beauty vlogs:

Michelle Phan


Luxy Hair

Also check out my picks for Best Beauty Online on Steven and Chris.


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