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January 07, 2013 3:41 PM

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We’ve gathered the best of the best advice on the web for your 2013 work and business endeavors. Click through to read the full articles for the predictions, tips and trends that help you make the strongest start this year.

1. Ten Resolutions the Most Successful People Make and then Keep via

Best piece of advice:

#10 Plan vacations (now)

You have probably heard the saying, “Life is what happens when you are not paying attention.” Unfortunately for many of us, we let this become true. Do yourself a favor and plan your vacations for the next year today. I promise you that the days around your vacation will fill in nicely. I also promise you that you’ll have something to look forward to and the life that happens during your vacations will be precious.

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2. 6 Things Really Powerful Leaders Do via

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(Inspired by Seth Godin’s new book, The Icarus Deception)

#2. Clearly Define YOUR Following

Today’s technology and Internet connectivity more than ever provide opportunity to attract followers and lead. Accept, however, that not everyone is your follower. Determine the attributes of those who will gain from what you can teach, share, and sell. Don’t assume that just because you’re a boss, you’re a leader, or that being an entry level employee makes you a worthless cog in the machine. Your followers exist around every corner. Broadcast your vision. Attract them with your inspiration. Ignore everyone else. Truly, there just isn’t enough time and energy to make everyone a convert. The most powerful leaders focus on where they are going and trust that the right people will follow. Make your voice heard so they’ll find you.

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3. 3 Things Marketers Can Learn From the Media via

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#3. Design is the Next Killer App, Embrace it

In the physical world, packaging and design matters. Consumers like pretty and interesting things; this has enabled companies with the best packaging to outsell competition for generations. The famous and viral Old Spice campaign is, in many ways, an extension of the product’s physical brand packaging for the Internet.

If the majority of potential new customers will likely first experience your brand online, why not think as much about online design as the packaging that catches their eye on store shelves?

Social networks are placing greater emphasis on visuals. Just look at Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram or the rapid rise of Pinterest. Mashable’s new site design puts a greater emphasis on visual because we see our audience sharing more images, and the engagement around the photos that we share on our Facebook Page are 8x that of just text-based posts.

With social networking going more visual there are greater opportunities to stand out with design.

2013 will bring more focus to design, and it will require all successful marketing teams to include designers who work to create compelling images for Facebook, Pinterest and whatever the next breakthrough visual network may be.

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4. 5 Ways to Prepare for an Amazing 2013 via

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#3. Sort Out Your LinkedIn

Go through your list, look at the profiles and identify 10 specific people who can actually help you with your desired objectives. Send each of them a Happy New Year greeting and begin a conversation. Sort through your Groups and eliminate the ones that no longer support your interests. Reduce all your group digest mailings to once a week to unclutter your daily email.

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5. 25 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2013 via

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#6. Brands will become publishers

“In 2013, brands will take a (Web) page from publishers’ books and start creating ‘content’ in earnest.  Content will help brands get ‘found’ (via search) and improves brands credibility.  How-to guides, quick tips and additional product usage ideas — in the form of blog posts, newsletters and SMS — are starting points for great content. Content also allows brands to start and continue conversations with their target markets — giving them reasons to stay in touch — and opportunities to stay top of mind.  Finally, content is a great way to tap into social media marketing: Great content gets shared much more often than static Web pages — for example, a personal quiz gets shared nine times more than a static Web page and customers who engage with brands are more likely to recommend a brand.” Seth Lieberman, SnapApp 

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6. 5 Must-Do Tip for Small Business Success in 2013 via

Best piece of advice:

#1. Hold a Post-Mortem

Embarking on an unvarnished analysis of how your business navigated the past year is a must. McBean recommends asking yourself questions like: Did you have a successful year? Where did your business shine? What’s holding it back?

While the answers to those questions are important, the real point of this exercise is to arrive at the moment when entrepreneurs start “looking at themselves in the mirror.”

It’s the key to effective leadership, said McBean. With a brutally honest assessment of your business in hand, it falls squarely on the shoulders of the small business owner to guide the implementation of any improvements that need to happen.

That takes leadership, and one of the traits of a good leader is to know how things truly stand with your business.

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