Labels For Your iCords

November 09, 2012 3:29 PM

“Whooz” is it? Vinyl identification labels for your iWhatever-you-have (iPods, iPhone, iPads) and headphones allow you to know “'whooz” they are. This is such a simple and great idea, we wish we came up with it…

Currently this is a Kickstarter project (don't worry, you can still purchase them) with a goal of raising $6 thousand to cover “die costs and the initial print run”.  So far (there are fifteen days to go) creator and designer Sativa Turner has received over $11 thousand, almost doubling her goal and proving that everyone is fed up of getting their charger cords accidentally stolen or mixed up with their friends' more banged up ones.

Starting at $10, the package includes:  “four sheets of removable vinyl labels with each sheet sporting a different look. One sheet includes labels to cover one adapter, the ends of one usb cable and one set of earphones.”

These are definitely great office holiday gifts – don't be surprised if you see these featured again in our holiday guide.

Check out Whooz and their packages here. Happy shopping!



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