Motivational Art Prints Made Cool Again

January 02, 2013 4:28 PM

The “Success” poster really killed motivational office art for a while. But cheesy sunsets and lighthouses and bad colour combos have now been replaced by beautiful typography and design from cool artists on affordable art sites like Society 6, making it once again okay to pepper the office walls with a little bit of daily inspiration. As I worked with Jane Collins to select some art for an open workspace – where the challenge is to select pieces that work for a group of people with different tastes and tasks – we were drawn to these fun and bright pieces that elicited smiles and not cringes.

Kavan & Co’s A Beautiful Mind, Everything ForeverBe Yourself. (More from Kavan & Co.)

A Beautiful Mind

Everything Forever

Be Yourself

Kimsey Price’s Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do. (More from Kimsey Price.)

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Zach Terrell’s Be Happy, Reach the Stars and The Beauty.

Be Happy


Don't Stop Unti You Reach the Stars


The Beauty

Chris Klemens’ Courage, The End of Your Comfort Zone.


The End of Your Comfort Zone


Wesley Bird’s Wander.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Galaxy Eyes’ Extraordinary I.

Extraordinary I


See more of our favourite Motivational Art Prints on Pinterest and check out our Art for Your Office board too.


5 Cool Art Suggestions For Your Office



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