Halloween Office Party Costume Dos and Don'ts

October 04, 2012 5:37 PM

Dress for success. You’ve heard it before. But it bears repeating this time of year. Halloween dress ups at work aren’t just fun, they’re a great way to show team spirit – nevertheless, there are a few Dos and Don’ts for the working girl.

DON'T dress as a cat.

In fact, avoid anything that is furry and cute. Aside from being an obvious ploy to appear attractive, the cute or sexy animal costume is painfully (nay, desperately) unoriginal. The only exception is a unicorn. Because they’re magical and awesome. But be warned: the Unicorn costume expiration date is Halloween 2013 (okay maybe 2014, then it’s over!).

Try: White Unicorn Leather Mask (shown below), My Little Pony Costume Wig.

Don't Dress like a cat, Do dress like a unicorn

DO dress attractively.

If you simply must go the sexy route, go as a teacher or librarian. Rock a high-necked blouse, cardigan, and a plaid skirt – all form fitting if you like, but not too short or revealing. And prop it up! Carry a ruler, an apple, a stack of books or date stamp accordingly. Put your hair up in a chignon and jam a pencil in and you’re done. PS, the attraction is in the authority here. So play that up. Keep it classy and you’ll avoid any jeers and sneers from both the guys and gals.

Bonus idea:

The fighter pilot – and not the girly version. Female fighter pilots exist and they don’t wear mini-skirts. Get a jumpsuit that fits well and a pair of aviators and you’ll be plenty attractive while looking eye-catching, exciting, responsible and in control. You know, like a fighter pilot. Or go for an old school Emelia Earhart vibe.

halloween pilot and librarian

DON'T be icky.

Save any gross-out ideas for that party the man-child in your life is throwing. Nothing will traumatize your boss and co-workers quite like you showing up as used tampon. I’ve seen it ladies and as ballsy …ergh… (lippy?) as it is, it ain’t pretty. Disclaimer: if you know this will go over because you work for a video game production house or for Rob Zombie then go for it.

tampon costume

DO be funny.

A cow costume, gorilla suit, next level mask or any other big gag cosplay will get you tons of high fives and respect. Why? Because these costumes are wacky and gutsy. What it says:  I don’t need to look hot today, I just want to have fun. Caveat: only wear this if you are going to own it and commit. Shrinking violets may feel awkward after a few hours dressed like King Kong or a lobster.

Try: Japanese Kigurumi Dinosaur Costume, Squirrel Mask, Giraffe Mask (all shown below), Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume.

Halloween dinosaur, squirrel and giraffe

DO show your true self.

If you’re a film buff or a closet geek, now is the time to be you. Bride of Frankenstein or Tippy Hedren from Hitchcock's The Birds – both make great Halloween costumes. Or go Hollywood classic as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe . For you she-nerds out there, now is the time to rock that classic star trek outfit in public. Geeky honorable mentions: Bobba Fett, Rogue, Dr. Who, or a Ceylon(see Do be funny).

Try: Star Trek Classic Blue DressMarilyn Monroe's “Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Dress”

Bride of Frankenstein, Star Trek, Tippi Hedren, Marilyn Monroe

No time but want to participate? Dress in black with orange accents or vice versa (or go striped) and bring a big ole bag of candy! You’ll be a Halloween hit – just, you know, not as much as if you go as a unicorn.

Tracy Reese in black, white and orange



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