5 Cool Art Suggestions for Your Office

August 03, 2012 11:59 AM

If you're lucky enough to have office walls, use them to show your excellent taste (or take a cue from ours). If all you've got is a cubicle, you can prop at least one or two framed prints, which is much nicer than pinning photos, and you might find one you love here, in our 5 latest, freshest office art finds…

1 & 2. Tex Large Longhorn Trophy in white, $55 from Cardboardsafari.com; Candid Wall Decor set of three, $40 from Umbra.

Cardboard Safari bull and Umbra cameras

3. Cougar Friends by Jessica Craig-Martin, $60-$2400 on 20×200.com.

Cougar Friends print by Jessica Craig-Martin

4. Really Good Time Pretty Woman print and La-Di-Da Annie Hall Print, $20 each from Mike Oncley on Etsy.

Pretty Woman print by Mike Oncley

Annie Hall print by Mike Oncley

5. French Poppa print, $16 – $58  by Chris Piascik on Society6.com.

French Poppa print by Chris Piascik

Want more art suggestions? We've got tons pinned on our “Art For Your Office” Pinterest board.



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