40 Drinks

July 23, 2012 7:00 AM

Intimations on turning 40 via Tumblr…

Catherine Stockhausen on her 40th birthday

Catherine Stockhausen is the Head Talent Producer for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight on CBC Television. We think she's beautiful, smart, impossibly cool… but 40? Since when?

“40 is a scary number,” she writes in her inaugural post, “but it feels more like a party trick at this point. 'YOU are 40!!??' If others don’t see me as old, I don’t have to either. But 'old' or not, 40 does represent something to me. I am undeniably an adult.”

In an attempt to “own 40”, Catherine has started a Tumblr – as kids these days do – to chronicle 40 Drinks with 40 people over the course of her 40th year (an average of 3 per month). The goal is to connect with people and make new bonds to extend what she calls her “adult family” of good friends.

We think you should keep checking in and reading her blog because aside from being thoughtful and interesting herself, we expect she's going to know a lot of thoughtful and interesting people, which will make for great stories.

We can already see Rachel McAdams starring in the movie version in a couple of years, where – of course – there'll be a romantic spin, though Catherine says that's not what this is about. But what does she know – she just started. Anything can happen.

Read Catherine Stockhausen's 40 Drinks Tumblr now.



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