How to Pitch a TV Show: Advice from Six Network Execs

May 18, 2012 10:15 PM

There were a lot of people at this year’s Banff World Media Festival vying for time with these six CBC executives. But you didn’t have to be there to find out how to pitch them your big idea. Check out my interviews for CBC Live to find out what they’re all looking for and how to go about getting your pitches in front of them.

Videos shot and edited by James Cooper and Adam Azimov.

Christine Wilson is the Executive Director of Content Planning at the CBC.

Tom Hastings is the Creative Head of Drama at the CBC.

Julie Bristow is the Executive Director of Studio and Unscripted Programming at the CBC.

Jenny Hacker is the Creative Head of Comedy at the CBC.

Kim Wilson is the Creative Head of Children’s and Youth Programming at the CBC.

Tessa Sproule is the Director of Interactive Content for Studio, Scripted and Unscripted Programming at the CBC. Here’s her advice on pitching ideas for digital platforms:

Here’s the link to the CBC Independent Producers website. And don’t forget, Amanda and I work at the CBC so if you have any questions you think we can help with, post them in the comments below. Happy pitching!



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