Light Up The Room With Your Stress, Not Your Smile

May 10, 2011 7:44 AM

Stress Buster Large Image

The law of conservation of energy states that energy “may neither be created nor destroyed.”Product designer Saravan Nagasumdaram took that idea and developed a way for us to channel our negative stress energy into good (read: home décor) instead of evil (read: taking it out on the boyfriend).

Nagasumdaram created the Stress Buster line of products, consisting of a standing lamp, night lamp and squeeze ball that doubles as a flashlight. They’re covered in a piezoelectric layer capable of storing your applied physical force and turning it into energy.

The tall version looks a lot like a kicking and punching bag, and yes, that’s what it’s for. The column will take your post-workday beating and in turn it into light to brighten your room. The more you make it suffer, the longer and brighter it will shine.

Same goes for the stress ball version, only it’s portable, can store energy, and can be used as an emergency flashlight the next time your car breaks down in the night or the power goes out at home.

While it’s unfortunate that we can’t always control the stressors in our lives, it’s nice to know we can at the very least make good use of them.

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