The View Hosts Share Advice From Their Biggest Mentors

March 20, 2012 12:42 PM

On yesterday's episode of ABC's The View, each of the hosts introduced and interviewed her biggest mentor.

They didn't hold back, sharing both their good experiences of being inspired or discovered as well as more difficult ones, like Sherri's struggle to overome her financial problems, Whoopi's career rut, Elizabeth's struggle to be a good host and Joy's early lifestyle crisis.

As we listened to how their mentors helped them, the common theme was clear – a desire to receive help and a willingness to change on the part of the mentee. So, check out these excerpts from the interviews, think about how you can start helping yourself towards your goals and then the mentor that is on his or her way – or perhaps already right in front of you – will be able to offer that extra jolt you need. Watch the full episode in the U.S.



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