Planning With Pinterest

March 13, 2012 12:05 AM

It's official – we're addicted to Pinterest!

The social site, which allows you to “pin” images you like from all over the web onto virtual “boards” according to specific themes, has taken the act of collecting and sharing links and images to a wonderfully interactive (and totally obsessive) new level.

Take Dina, for example. Dina's been my best friend since childhood and she introduced me to Amanda – and she's getting married! How's she collecting and organizing all the fabulous ideas that catch her eye on the hundreds of websites she's visiting daily and sharing them with us? She's pinning them, of course.

Dina created a free account, she started a few “boards”, including “Celebration of Love” and she shares all her finds there. We, her friends, can see them, comment on them and get alerts when she pins something new.

Dina's Wedding Pinterest Board

You can also pin as a group. Our friend Sarah created a board called “Dina's Wedding Bells” that she and Dina can both pin to (we want in on that one, btw, Sarah).

We think Pinterest is a great work tool for gathering inspiration images for events, design projects (websites, print, etc.), decorating projects and for creating group conversation. You can also use it to create your own virtual inspiration board.

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Empirella Pinterest Board



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