Halloween Costumes for You and Your Bestie

October 28, 2011 2:48 AM

Couple costumes are fun, but BFF costumes are the best. After all, your man will never be as into it as your girlfriends are, so if you ladies are going sans hommes this year, here are some great costume ideas…

Fashion Heroes and Villains

Mary Kate and Ashley sported these clever and easy costumes on their tshirt-of-the-month-club website, Stylemint.com. All you need is understated, cool black clothes and masks. The first option is to wear a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader mask and the second is to wear a Catwoman and Batman mask.

Mark Kate and Ashley Star Wars Halloween costumes

Swan Lake

This DIY costume idea comes from American Apparel. Only question is, which one of you is Odette and which one is Odile?

Swan Lake Costume


Halloween is the only right time for an over the top bridesmaid dress. You can get some for cheap at a local bridal shop or any matching party dress at H&M (pink is best if you want to mimic the movie). Of course, you can always go as the bride and maid of honor.

Bridesmaids Halloween costume

Alice and The Red Queen

If you’re short on time but can hit up a costume store, you can’t go wrong with “sexy” Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Wear these costumes and a cast of characters is sure to assemble around you.

Alice and the Queen of Hearts costumes

High School Enemies

That’s Mirte Maas and Jacquelyn Jablonski working it out as the high school geek and the prom queen. This is one you can pull out of your own closets, ladies, and just add nerd glasses, a tiara and a sash.

Nerd and Popular Girl Costume


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