Gosling and Jobs Among Most Influential, Paré and Lively Most Desirable

October 27, 2011 11:46 PM

Last week, AskMen.com published their Top 49 Men – the 2011 edition. Some of the guys you’d expect to see high up on the list are on there, but not as high as expected. Simon Cowell, for example, is number 49. Barack Obama only made number 21. The only Canadian to make it is at number nine, and it’s Mr. Ryan Gosling. Swoon away.

Number one on the list is a man we’ve sadly lost this year, who – in our world – is most certainly one of the most influential men of all time, let alone this year, Steve Jobs.

As for the women, it’s not really the same thing. Instead of ‘most influential’, it’s ‘most desirable’. Well, the website is called AskMen.com. Blake Lively was named number one, after being ranked at 85 last year, she’s come a long way. The highest rated Canadian on that list is at number ten, and it’s Jessica Paré, who wasn’t even on last year’s list. The Montrealer has been making big waves in the entertainment world with her role as Megan on Mad Men.

Have a look at the lists yourselves:

Top 49 Men

Top 99 Women


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