The Drugstore Desk Kit

August 02, 2011 1:00 AM

An impromptu visit to the travel-sized section of a Shopper’s Drug Mart by myself and Amanda for emergency deodorant (forgotten in the rush of the morning) yielded an entire kit of items perfect for at-work emergencies and maintenance. These items range from $1-4 dollars each and you’re pretty much guaranteed to need them all at one point or another. In fact, I can circumstances in which I’d need them all at once.

Drugstore Desk Kit

From left to right: Advil for headaches, pain and cramps; lint roller, especially handy for black clothes; anti-static spray for skirts in winter; Febreze air freshener to keep your office or cubicle smelling fresh; anti-perspirant in case you forget to put some on or need to refresh; nailpolish remover so you never go to a surprise meeting with chipped polish (you’re not 15, after all); mouthwash for one-on-one chats or small group meetings.


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