4 Geek Chic T-Shirts

August 02, 2011 1:20 AM

Let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t enjoy showcasing her intellectual tastes and the body she works hard for at the gym at the same time? It’s a woman’s prerogative. Here are four cool casual Friday or weekend t-shirts that do the trick.

4 Geel Chic T-Shirts

1. Helvetic Neue T-shirt, $22.99 from TypographyShop.com.

2. Robots in Love T-Shirt, $18.00 from the HappyFamily shop on Etsy.com.

3. Star Wars Good Guys T-Shirt, $24.99 from ThinkGeek.com.

4. CBC Radio 3 T-Shirt, available for purchase at the CBC gift shop in Toronto and in weekly giveaways on the CBC Radio 3 blog.


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