Steve Jobs Rap Track

July 29, 2011 6:15 PM

Our own Malcolm Gilderdale waxes rhythmically on his love/hate relationship with technology in this hip hop ode to Apple creator and CEO.His caveat to us was that he is white and 32 years old, but rhymes like, “Why would I retain even a shred of information /
When my phone has the answers, I am ever so impatient, ”  had us sending the track to all our digital friends immediately.

Steve Jobs by GRMMusic

This track is part of Malcolm’s 2011 goal to write, record and release five albums, in four different genres, which he’s chronicling in a blog called FiveFourEleven. (Read Malcolm’s article on 5 Ways a Blog Can Help You Complete Your Passion Project.)

This track is the first on the hip hop album, which is called Names Named, hence “Steve Jobs”.  Our picks for the next tracks would include Obama, The Kardashians, Tina & Ari (Brown and Huffington), and Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber (since they’re neck in neck for online influence). What about you?




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