5 iPhone Apps Every Working Woman Needs

July 06, 2011 6:25 PM

Batman has a utility belt full of tools that help him protect the streets of Gotham. And while we’re not out every night fighting against dark forces, most of us are caught in a perpetual multi-tasking tornado, trying to get juggle our work and personal lives as we go. That’s where your iPhone can help. Think of it as your own personal utility belt that helps you manage the tasks you face daily. And your apps? Well, those are your weapons that help get that job done.

Here are some of my favourite apps that help me keep my ideas, contacts, errands, finances, and even fun, in order:

5 iPhone Apps

1. Evernote

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re busy and trying to multi-task – let Evernote to be your saving grace. It’s a free app that allows you to snap and store photos, write notes, record voice memos, and keep all of these bits of information neatly organized into categories. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Evernote then allows you to sync these files with your computer. So, if you save an idea you have for work on your iPhone, you can access it on your computer as soon as you sit down at your desk. Toss in their awesome Twitter integration that enables users to tweet into their Evernote account, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind winning app.

2. Snapp

Snapp is a social networking app that allows you to create and maintain business relationships in place of collecting business cards in a rolodex. With this app, you can add a new contact and input their title, business, website, contact information, and social networking sites in 10 seconds. It’s easy to use, and is perfect for networking at events. The app is free, but the Pro version can be purchased for $2.99, and will allow you to do things like export your contact list into a CVS file.

3. Shopper

This app costs $.99, but it’s worth every one of those 99 pennies. Shopper allows you to take charge of your grocery shopping. More than just a digital shopping list, it enables you to quickly create specific shopping lists for various stores (or recipes). But more importantly, it lets you organize those lists to match the layout of the store you frequent the most. You can also add prices and quantities to track your expenses, coupons, and budget as you shop.

4. LivingSocial

Working overtime on weeknights and weekends can hinder your ability to catch a good deal at your favourite local businesses. With this free app, you can wake up to a new awesome deal every day. Think 70% off spa visits, restaurants, tours, etc.

5. Mint

Mint is a free app that makes managing your finances a breeze. It integrates your bank accounts (yes, all of them) and keeps tabs on your credit card bills and transactions, and enables you to stay on top of payments efficiently – and more importantly – on time.

Hopefully you’ll find these apps as useful as I do on a daily basis. Please share some of  your favourite apps in the comments below.


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