5 Really Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

June 18, 2011 6:07 PM

Father's Day Gifts

Busy work week? Haven’t shopped for Father’s Day yet? We feel you. Thanks to the web, you’ll never have to look like an ungrateful daughter again.

Here are a few very last-minute but totally great digital gift options:

1. Give him apps, movies, TV shows or music through iTunes

If he’s technologically inclined and uses iTunes, you can send him just about anything, from a single item to an entire playlist. You can even just send him an iTunes gift card by email with a nice note and some suggestions.

Here’s how to send gifts through iTunes.

Some things your dad might like:

Time.com suggests 10 other iPhone apps you might also want to check out.

2. Send him a Grooveshark playlist

As long as he uses email, dad can figure out how to receive and enjoy this one, plus it’s free.

Sign up for a free Grooveshark Account to make a musical playlist that you can then share via email. Think of songs the whole family loved growing up or songs that make you think of him now.

Or send one special song with an email about what it means to you. This one really is a “thought that counts” winner and perfect for dads that are far away. I use Grooveshark at work and send my dad songs all the time, just because.

3. Send an e-Gift Card for books or clothes

J. Crew’s got amazing daily deals online (and what dad doesn’t like a good bargain), so you can send him an e-gift card with a personal message and some links of what you think would look good on him.

Chapters-Indigo also offers e-gift cards which will allow dad to take advantage of their online discounts and choose exactly what he wants to read next.

4. Create a photo book on Blurb.com

This might take you a little longer – at least an hour or two – but you can upload photographs to Blurb.com and lay them out using their easy layout tool to create an amazing and affordable hard or softcover photo book. Make the book now, send your dad the link and tell him it’s being created and shipped. He can browse the entire thing online immediately.

You can even get creative and scan your childhood art or stories or make a family recipe book. Browse their user-generated bookstore to get ideas.

5. Send a customized funny video from JibJab.com

JibJab’s Father’s Day e-cards allow you to upload a photo of your dad so that he becomes the star of a funny video. The videos are cheesy, but seeing someone’s head on a funny body is classic fun, and even better as a video. Dad will love it and can share it with his friends if he wants to.

And if you live in the same city, the solution is simple – dads love to eat and spend time with you, so take him to dinner or make it at home, depending on your budget. Here are some great recipes for Father’s Day dinner at home.

Have a happy Father’s Day and don’t forget to check out our “Dad’s Rules” tributes to our dads and their best advice.


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