Advertising Lessons from Apple: The New iPad 2 Ad

June 18, 2011 2:45 PM

Without ever saying the words “iPad 2”, the latest Apple ad, entitled “Now”, leaves you feeling like the iPad 2 really is the coolest thing ever made to date. Mashable contributor Charlie White, an Emmy award-winning television producer/director who spent three decades creating ads and TV series, points out the things that make this ad truly great:

1. Excellent production value
2. A soothing soundtrack
3. A great voice over by Peter Coyote, delivering stellar copy
4. Constant visuals of the product in use
5. Emotional appeal

Who doesn’t want to “curl up with a movie” in a hammock? Even though in reality it’s more like watching Toddlers and Tiaras on the can (so … Apple, if you ever want to offer us an endorsement deal, there’s that).

Check out White’s full analysis of the ad and don’t fret if your own company’s marketing isn’t as pitch perfect as Apple’s just yet. Mashable’s collection of 10 Vintage Apple Ads That Time Forgot, like this one, demonstrate how far you can come.


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