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May 25, 2011 6:59 AM Homepage

Ever send an email to a potential employer and think, “I wonder if they’re actually going to click through all these links?”

It does add up, what with your personal website, blog, Youtube page, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace – wait does anyone use MySpace anymore?

Anyway, your problem is solved by, which allows you to create an instant “homepage” that pulls in the feeds of all your other accounts/sites and showcases them in one single page. The design templates are pretty darn slick and you’ll need a really nice big photo for maximum impact, but you can achieve some really stunning effects that are guaranteed to impress.

We chose some of our favorites to show you how people are showcasing their small businesses, resumes, music and more. See how a fashion designer, an interactive guy, a comedy duo and a musician each set up their pages.

Watch the demo video to see how easy/cool it is.

If you have any questions about making your own or would like to share your completed page with us, comment below.


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