10 Cool USB Flash Drives

May 23, 2011 12:29 AM

As far as necessary work objects go, USB Flash Drives are always at the top of our list. Be careful when you lend them to someone – they often don’t find their way back to you. These ones are particularly cool, so guard them like your favorite pen; attach them to your keychain if you can so that they’re always handy when you need to take or access your work on-to-go.

10 Cool USB Flash Drives

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lips USB Keychain kills two birds with one stone and is very chic. Also check out the newer Miss Marc USB Keychain.

2. Catwoman x Mimobot and Batman x Mimobot, both available from Mimobot, maker of many cool character USB flash drives, are the perfect his and hers purchase.

3. Victorinox Swissflash 4GB Multitool attaches to your keychain and can get you out of more than one jam. Don’t take it through customs though, or it’s bye-bye files.

4. Heart Shape Crystal 8GB USB Flash Drive can be worn as a necklace or handbag charm and is a great gift for your geek girlfriends.

5. USB Wristband Bracelets can be easily worked into summer outfits and snap closed so you won’t lose them.

6. Star Wars 4GB USB Flash Drives by TymeMachines stand nicely on your desk when not in use. You can put all your wise musings in the Yoda one and your secret plans to take over the company/world in the Vader one.

7. Bamboo USB Flash Drive keeps it sleek and simple for minimalists and design lovers.

8. Mini Cooper Union Jack 2GB USB is an authorized replica and has a hidden switch that flips the USB connector out.

9. Golden Robot USB Flash Drive holds 4GB of data, his limbs can be bent into poses and he’s blingy.

10. LaCie IamaKey USB Flash Drive is a no-fuss addition to your keychain that’s kind of camouflaged, in case spies want to steal your brilliant ideas.

Seen any other cool USB flash drives lately? Do tell in the comments below.




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