Survive the Rapture

May 21, 2011 4:53 PM

Or at least call your mother.

Harold Camping, 89-year-old engineer/doomsday prophet had gotten a lot of peoples’ panties in a bunch with his recent announcement that what Christians know as The Rapture will happen today starting at 6pm around the world. According to Scripture, the gist of it is that the “saved” will rise into the air in “the Rapture” and the rest will perish in an earthquake that God will send ’round the world. Fire, weeping and panic will ensue. Read more about Camping’s prediction at The Guardian.

The 6pm deadline has already passed in many places like New Zealand and Australia, also we asked our Magic Eight Ball and it said “Don’t count on it”, so we might just be safe.

But still, on an almost-Apocalypse day like today, we invite you to consider your mortality and think about all those dreams of yours and what you’re doing to get closer to them, if you’re being a good person – to others and to yourself – and at the very least, to call your mom. Next possible Rapture date is set for 2060 by Sir Isaac Newton, but really, you could die any day, so let’s get this show on the road.


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