True Patriot Fashion

May 21, 2011 5:01 AM

Canada is a nation founded on fashion. Since beaver hats were so hot in seventeenth century Europe for so long (everyone of style and significance wanted a top hat, not to mention army hats and clerical hats, made from the fine dense fur of the undercoat of the beaver’s pelt), our home and native land, once just a series of fur trading posts, grew to prosperity.

Now in it’s fourth century of retailing in Canada, the Hudson’s Bay Company, originally a fur trading outfit, has been “Canada’s merchant” from the start. The HBC multistripes originated with the Point Blankets, a trademark of the company for over 200 years, and are now the strongest symbol of Canadian fashion we have. The HBC logo is a close second and both serve as the inspiration and focus of the Hudson’s Bay Company Collection, which continues to be chock full of must-haves for any self-respecting Canadian fashion lover in recent seasons.

Our favorites from the latest, and best, collection are featured below.

We credit the diversification and cool factor of the collection to the stewardship of Bonnie Brooks, who joined the company as President and CEO in 2008 and has taken on the tall task of re-energizing the brand with great aplomb and ingenuity. The makeover and re-introduction of The Room, the historical luxury shopping destination of the Bay’s flagship Toronto store, the hip new B Insider webzine, spearheaded by tastemaker Christopher Sherman, formally of Fashion Television, and the purchasing of the Canadian franchise rights to UK fashion favorites Topshop and Topman, which will launch within The Bay stores in the Fall, are a few more of the moves she’s made to steer the brand in the direction of fashion forward and put The Hudson’s Bay Co. back at the top of the trade.

Get these items fast because they won’t last long.

Hudson's Bay Collection

1. Tote Bag, $10. 2. Cashmere Womens Robe, $295. 3. Signature Swiss Army Knife, $50. 4. Sigg Water Bottle, $30. 5. Womens and Mens Crewneck Fleece Pullover. $40. 6. Cabana Striped Beach Towel, $40. 7. Multistripe Point blanket, $275 – $475. 8. Walking Stick Umbrella, $35.00.

View the entire collection here.



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  4. Erin Jansky on July 20, 2011 at 4:51 PM

    While I think this will fail, I do think it is wise – if they ever want to be taken seriously – to stick with the fall. Even the most serious Football fan will ever take a spring league seriously, and never mind the casual fans. If they do want to be a serious entity, the fall is the way to go. That being said, the fall is probably a bigger barrier to entry but if they want staying power, they must overcome. Did I say this was doomed yet?