Desperados Interactive Video Experience

May 20, 2011 2:00 AM

Interactive YouTube Videos

This original new concept breaks the confines of the traditional video player and forces you to join in.

Heineken beer brand Desperados created an interactive video experience using YouTube to promote their tequila flavoured beer. The video allows you to become part of the party, from choosing who you want to party with (male or female) to connecting with your friends on Facebook (spoiler alert: if you connect using Facebook your profile picture will be tattooed on a girl’s back or a guy’s chest depending on which options you choose. The photo will also be given to you to share on your wall), to using video controls like the volume and the scrubber to affect the entire page. Very cool and totally worth a watch.

If you like that then you’ll also like “A Hunter Shoots A Bear!“. It’s an oldie but a goodie that lets you re-write the “story” by removing the word “shoots” using whiteout – yes that white erasing substance used to mask mistakes made on paper (that’s where the product placement comes in), and replacing it with whatever you’d like. And if your word isn’t recognized you’ll get a cute 404 message. My favourites are “a hunter fights a bear”, “a hunter eats a bear” and of course “a hunter has sex with a bear”. Here are some other good words: moons, sings, hugs, dances, phones, cuts, football and Tipp-Ex.


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