The Women on Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebs List and How Gaga Beat Oprah

May 19, 2011 5:33 AM

33 Most Powerful Celebrity Women

Women make up one third of this year’s Forbes‘ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list. To understand how they got there (and get yourself there one day) it’s important to know that power does not just equal money, which is why Lady Gaga topped the list even though making $90 million only put her in 8th place in the Money category. She beat out Oprah, who made $280 million, because of the influence-factor represented by categories like Social Rank and Web Rank, where she took first (second in Social Rank was Eminem, who ranked 71st overall and third was Justin Bieber, who ranked third overall; second in the Web was Bieber and third was Katy Perry, who ranked 12th overall).

Looks like Oprah better get tweeting, since placing first in both the Money and TV/Radio categories couldn’t make up for being 13th online. With over 10 million Little Monsters following her on Twitter and over 32 million liking her on Facebook, Lady Gaga‘s influence is greater than Lady O’s and Forbes cites the sale of 1 million digital downloads of the single “Born This Way” in only five days as proof, not to mention that “they’re also happy to buy the MAC makeup, Monster headphones and Virgin Mobile phones she features in her videos”.

This year Taylor Swift was the only other woman to join Oprah and Gaga in the top ten, Beyonce placed 9 spots ahead of husband Jay Z, Angelina Jolie 34 spots ahead of Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Lopez rounded out the top 50, back on top as an American Idol judge with many endorsement deals to boot. Forbes specifically noted the rise of reality star and entrepreneur, Bethenny Frankel and how the $100 million sale of her Skinnygirl drinks and her hit reality show qualify her as a “new celebrity money maker”. 33 women made it to the list and we’ve included them all here in order of their overall ranking. To find out how you can make the list in the future, check out their methodology.

1. Lady Gaga
2. Oprah Winfrey
7. Taylor Swift
11. Angelina Jolie
12. Katy Perry
16. Fergie (as part of the Black Eyed Peas)
21. Jennifer Aniston
29. Beyonce Knowles
31. Ellen Degeneres
42. Bethenny Frankel
44. Sandra Bullock
50. Jennifer Lopez
60. Gisele Bundchen
63. Kristen Stewart
64. Reese Witherspoon
69. Julia Roberts
73. Sarah Jessica Parker
75. Natalie Portman
78. Danielle Steel
80. Maria Sharapova
81. Cameron Diaz
82. Eva Longoria
83. Heidi Klum
84. Serena Williams
86. Venus Williams
89. Katherine Heigl
90. Stephenie Meyer
92. Tina Fey
93. Courteney Cox
94. Kate Moss
96. Danica Patrick
99. Teri Hatcher
100. Mariska Hargitay

View the full list here.


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